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HSTC Spay & Neuter Initiative

Benefiting Terrell & Randolph County

Help us Make this Happen!

HSTC needs your help and support in a new Spay/Neuter Initiative.   We will be raising funds to help those in need within Terrell and Randolph counties to obtain reduced cost or sponsored spay/neuter for their dog or cat. 

How do we plan to raise funds for this initiative?

  • Yard Sales (in person or online) - shop or donate goods

  • BBQs - buy tickets for your family or workplace

  • Donations

Do you know someone out of those counties in need?  Contact your local animal shelter to see what is available or email for suggestions on low cost solutions.  

How else can you help with this initiative?  Educate and urge those you know to spay and neuter.   A litter prevented = a litter saved!   A little saved = 1 less homeless, rescue or shelter dog or cat! 

APPLY for a Certificate:

​​Applications are open!                                 <--- Click here to pull up a fill-in application and submit.


                                                                        (Download & save, reopen downloaded file, fill-in info & submit (top right of pdf).) 

                                                                        You may also email to receive an application.  

Certificate availability, status, pets helped and more Information will be made available on this page.   Stay tuned!

Not a Terrell or Randolph resident, please check with your county shelter/animal control for programs that may already in place. 

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