Puppy Mill Rescue

In WEBSTER CO., GA - A puppy mill was shut down, and many dogs were seized, early Tuesday afternoon, October 30th, 2018.

A total of 61 dogs were seized from the puppy mill operation, according to Martha Ann Coe, Terrell County Animal Control director.  Terrell County Animal Control is contracted with Webster County and lead seizure efforts, Coe said. (Source WALB)

  22 Pups were adopted from HSTC's care

Many of the dogs required extended vet care, several went through heartworm treatment.

Donations for our rescue are much appreciated! 

You can donate easily and securely right now simply by clicking our Paypal Donate button.

Or by Mailing a check to:

Humane Society of Terrell County

P O Box 311

Dawson, GA 39842

If you are planning on adopting, here are a few facts and rants, that hold true on all of our available dogs:

  • We do not have a brick and mortar shelter.

    • Therefore we ask that you have an approved application before meeting with the pups. 

    • These guys will remain in boarding with a vets office due to extended care.

    • We will be interrupting their practice while individuals are meeting with them. 

  • Our application is electronic and equivalent to 4 pages long. 

  • We screen all applications.

  • We ask that all your current animals are spayed and neutered, for overpopulation and health reasons.

  • Our adoption fee for dogs is $85, you will also be asked to purchase heartworm preventative.

  • Our staff are all volunteers and work full time jobs, please be patient with us. 

  • These guys will not be house broke, due to the living conditions they were in.  You will have to be patient and understanding with them.

  • All pups will require regular professional grooming due to their breeds.  

The Mill Pups: 

All have been adopted

Sugar Boo is one of the critical cases.   She is heartworm positive.  Suffers from severe hip displysia, damaged back knees and has a wobble on her back legs (but that doesn't slow her down).  
She had multiple rotten teeth.   She will be undergoing a slow heartworm treatment after recovery from teeth extraction & spay.  She is a sweet girl and is a 5 year old Yorkie-Poo.  SugarBoo was adopted February '19










Lost the Battle:


A young yorkie-poo, lost her battle with stage IV liver cancer mid November

Photos from Adopters  (a new life): 

For specific information on the mill dogs please email hstcvolunteer@gmail.com or hstcoinfo@gmail.com

Rescue Photos - 10/30/18

& One Other

both due to advanced staged cancer

The Humane Society of Terrell County is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  

HSTC is a no-kill organization dedicated to the care and placement of homeless pets.

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